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Bloomfield, NJ

Home Improvement Company


Elevator Pitch

Hello, My name is Robert Davis Jr. and I am the proud owner and operator of Aventi Improvements LLC. We like to consider ourselves a boutique Home Improvement Company which specializes in remodeling residential and commercial dwellings.

Tell us about your business, what you provide, why you started, how you stand out among competition and any associated passion causes.

We started the business in April of 2019 with the intentions of creating highly functional and habitable living spaces in underserved communities. Our goal is to help change the curb appeal in our community one house at a time. Our customer service and attention to detail is what makes us the favorable choice.

Tell us how you would use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to enhance your business and recover from any impacts of COVID-19.

We have felt the impact of Covid first hand and we understand the effects it's had on our industry as a whole. If we are fortunate enough to win, we will use the finances to assist in re-establishing our labor force, along with assisting in subsidizing the cost of our day-to-day operations and lastly paying down some of the debt in which we’ve occurred while trying to keep our doors open. Thank you for the opportunity FedEx.